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The only real melee weapons on this listing, tactical pens are easy weapons designed to be utilised towards a nearby assailant. Dependant on self-defense sticks such as the Kubotan, tactical pens are frequently fitted by using a spiky metallic or plastic idea, along with a blunt side on the other end. Oh yeah, and they are totally purposeful pens, … Read More

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If twelve simultaneous shots aren’t more than enough, then the models is often stacked together to type a wall of disabling tasers. Normally, the units are deployed on the other hand the person would like. Shockwave units might be mounted on to the grilles of Humvees and equivalent cars.Non-lethal weapons are meant to decrease personal injury or … Read More

Simple rows or clusters of sharpened sticks (also known as punji sticks), and the usage of tiny caltrops are already a element of anti-infantry warfare for a long time. Having said that, resulting from the difficulty of mass-creating them in the pre-present day age, they have been rarely applied except in the protection of constrained parts or chok… Read More